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Sometimes we forget that nature has all we need, sometimes we just need a little reminder to reconnect with our own inner wisdom.

Raw food chef Francesca Paz (creator of Moody Mango raw cuisine) and yoga teacher and sound practitioner Ali Gunning collaborate to create Resonant Retreats, a combination of yin yoga, sacred sound and raw nutrition which aims to give our bodies, minds and souls a taste of
their natural state of harmony.

How we began

Getting together over juice we soon realised that Ali is as passionate
about sound yoga as Fran is about raw vegan food and its benefits. That meditation, connection to nature and diet were so important to us both. from this common ground we began to put together workshops – the dream began to manifest!

“We are more about creating an experience which takes people out of
their normal routine and might provide a little spark of inspiration to
make a few lifestyle changes, rather than telling people they have to
adopt a totally raw yogi lifestyle to be anywhere near healthy.”

Life is vibration

Both science and ancient philosophy agree that the world around us is
composed of energy in various states of vibration. Each part of our body has a frequency, as do our thoughts and our food. We are constantly consuming and producing vibration; what we eat shapes our bodies and the vibration of our thoughts create our lives. This is both the challenge we face and the key to being the happy and healthy beings we wish for!

Technology is amazing for opening us up to information about our
well-being from all around the world but on the flip side, we we
constantly looking out rather than within; absorbing the thoughts and
opinions of others, rather than taking time to know our selves.

Yin yoga

Our bodies are composed of the same elements present in the world around us; the ancient wisdom of many cultures such as India’s Ayurveda teach us that we are part of nature. Yet in modern life we are divorced from that connection, both physically and in our minds, often considering ourselves masters of nature rather than its collaborators.

While our bodies know their state of harmony our lives often work
against us, with a culture of rushing and consumption, of separation
from our true nature within. We could describe this as the Chinese
medicine principle of yang. And of course when we have become
conditioned to yang we reflect this in how we eat, think…and practise
yoga – competing, leaving no time for feelings and fueling the ego sense
of separateness.

Ali loves particularly to teach yin yoga which asks us to slow down and
listen: “This can be incredibly challenging but hugely rewarding – to
get close to the earth and feel it’s vibration as our physical bodies,
to allow the darker shades or our mind to surface from a place of allowing.”

Gong meditation

The ‘gong bath’ is everywhere as more and more people are experiencing the value of meditation – and resonating with sound based practises, like chanting, singing bowls etc. While the sheer beauty and mass of sound leads our minds down the path of surrender, the array of harmonics, frequencies and visceral vibrations of gong reach into our energy systems, physical cells, organs and tissues.

Yogi Bhajan stated ‘the gong is God. So it is said, so it is.’ Whatever
sound emerges from the gong is the sound of creation; sometimes like the depths of the earth, sometimes like merging in water; it is a very
elemental experience. The final and most potent part of the gong bath is silence and we often leave this silence with new insight and sensitivity to the senses and surroundings. So we have the opportunity to resonate with our highest self and all the profound changes that can bring to our personality and interactions back in the world.

Living foods

Making and creating raw vegan food is a sacred act for Fran. Using the
best food we have on this planet has to offer is a privilege and
honour. Fran shares and demonstrates the healing power of living foods which is a huge passion of hers: “I have seen so many people heal from living foods. I love food, like all love relationships, mine with food
has been a journey.”

Food aligns us with nature and none more so than living foods, which are gaining increasing popularity. When we consume food in its natural state we feel better, benefiting from more chi or prana; many people say they feel more “more alive”. Raw fruit and vegetable are packed with vitamins and minerals which nourish and balance our bodies, providing grounding during spiritual practise. With the raw cuisine we hope to inspire people just to add a little more raw fruits and vegetable into their lives at home, to see how this affects their thoughts and well-being.

/Ali & Fran’s ‘mini retreats’ take place at The Well Garden in Hackney –
forthcoming are ‘Resonant Revive’ 24th April, ‘Resonant (summer)
Solstice’ 12th June, ‘Resonant Harvest’ 9th Oct and ‘Resonant (winter)
Solstice’ 18th Dec. Events are 9.30am to 2pm including chanting and
intention, yin yoga, sound bath, raw ‘afternoon tea’ and sharing.
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