“Moody Mango harnesses the power of fruit and vegetables. We inspire our guests to connect with raw, plant-based food. Our cuisine is created with the perfect balance of flavour, art and nutrition.”

— Francesca Paz – Moody Mango


We host the popular Moody Mango raw food supper club in London every month. Want to experience our cuisine at your own event? We cater for private parties, weddings and retreats, and hold raw food culinary workshops in the UK and Europe. We also offer menu development for restaurants and bars who are looking to extend their menu to incorporate raw cuisine.

“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”

— Hippocrates



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Sometimes we forget that nature has all we need, sometimes we just need a little reminder…

Here was one of our recipes that was featured in Lucuma, a vegan, raw food…